Discussion Forum Guidelines

General info:

This discussion forum is for educational purposes. Shared knowledge helps us all to learn more.
This forum is moderated by the SGA and visible to the administration and faculty.
Stick to one topic per thread and add a tag with the topic type (study guide, questions, etc.)

What can and can't be posted:

Please don't knowingly post old VCOM exams. Feel free to post practice questions, either ones you wrote for practice or ones you found elsewhere.
When compiling documents of sample questions, for privacy concerns, please remove any info about the source of the material from the title and beginning of the document.
Please don't post PDF versions of textbooks, or other material protected by copyright.
Please don't post hints, clues, or topics about exams. This doesn't include any info obtained from faculty prior to an exam by peer tutors or other students.
The forum moderator reserves the right to delete any inappropriate posts or posts not in accordance with these guidelines. This is a subjective decision, but common sense will be used.
Any student who knowingly posts actual VCOM exams could be referred to the honor council.

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