Here are some quotes from VCOM students who have rotated at these sites (from the VCOM website). I figured it might be easier to have this info in one place instead of having to dig through the “site information” PDF’s for each site individually. Not every site had a PDF linked to it, so I only added the ones with student feedback.


Southwest Virginia Region

Johnson Memorial Hospital, Abingdon, VA

The site overall is excellent. It is a bit of a hidden gem. All of the preceptors are excellent and although you may have to drive a fair bit in between rotations, if you are interested in under-served family medicine you could not ask for a better site.

Abingdon is wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live. Everything is very affordable, and the people here are lovely. It’s nice to be so close to Bristol, and have the small town feel of Abingdon.

The site as a whole was great.

Wythe County Community Center, Wytheville, VA

Great site. The hospital is not large, but this gives students the chance to work 1-on-1 with doctors and get a lot of hands on experience. The unlimited food at cafeteria was a nice touch. Housing was completely fine, not the newest house in the world, but was comfortable and the owners were very helpful and offered to do anything they could for us.

Wytheville Hospital was wonderful to work with – very friendly and helpful staff, great free food.

Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Bluefield, WV

The site is a very comfortable one as far as being able to live in the same place the entire year with a short commute. The free food at the cafeteria is a nice benefit. The residents are very welcoming to students. Overall it’s been a good experience

Bluefield really is a great site. Learning environment and teaching is great.

I thought the site overall was pretty good. Food was good and it was free! Most of the residents were very helpful and tried to teach us whenever they could. The hospital staff was always very nice to us students.

Clinch Valley Medical Center, Richlands, VA

Compared to other rotation sites that I have been to, had I the option to rotate here the entire year, I might have chosen it. I would definitely consider choosing this site number one. I loved Drs. Davis, Claustro, and Piriz. They were truly fantastic educators.

The clinical experience at Clinch Valley was great overall – a busy patient population with a variety of diseases, despite being a smaller location. The VCOM housing is very conveniently located next to the hospital, but could use a bit of updating. Otherwise, it was nice having a meal stipend to use at the hospital and overall this was a great experience!

Housing was free and the meals at the hospital were free which was a big bonus.

New River Valley Region

Carillion New River Valley Medical Center, Christiansburg, VA

This site is an excellent place to do a third year rotation. I am very pleased with my experience at this site.

I enjoyed CNRV a lot. I thought all of the rotations were of high quality, the preceptors were pleasant and enjoyed having students, and the diversity of patient cases were adequate for 3rd year.

I do not believe I could have had a better site. The lunch was always good and appreciated. All of the staff of the hospital was warm and welcoming.

LewisGale Hospital, Blacksburg, VA

I enjoyed working on this rotation due to the great diversity I was exposed to. I liked gaining experience with residents and learning how a residency program works; from morning report to noon lecture. The physicians were wonderful.

I enjoyed my time here, I recommend it highly.

Highly recommend this site, all preceptors were great.

Roanoke Region

LewisGale Medical Center, Salem, VA

I really enjoyed my rotations at LewisGale. Staff was friendly and always willing to teach, was able to do a lot more on these rotations. I would love to rotate at LewisGale again.

Overall, my experience at Lewis Gale was great! The preceptors were fantastic and the hospital was just large enough to see a variety of cases and patients without being overwhelming.

This was an excellent site for 3rd year rotations!

Carillion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Roanoke, VA

I was very fortunate to rotate through Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. I believe I have learned the skills to do well in my 4th year and in residency. Each rotation at Carilion was highly structured and had regular didactic sessions for students. Carilion’s rotations were in disciplines that have residency programs, which meant excellent experienced teaching faculty and experience working with residents. The residents integrated medical students into the team and provided additional opportunities to learn. On numerous occasions, the residents would have additional didactic sessions with students and provide useful feedback. They would help critique SOAP notes and offer tips in presenting on rounds. In addition, the diversity and complexity of medical problems seen at Carilion adds to the strength of this rotation site. Additionally, the food stipend for VCOM students was unparalleled, as it surpassed that offered to students rotating from other institutions. The quality and variety of food at Carilion far exceeded my expectations.

I enjoyed rotations in Roanoke. We rotated through 3 different hospitals in the Roanoke area which provided insight to different institutions, what it is like working with residents, veterans, alone with preceptors. It offers a great variety which I appreciated.

LewisGale Hospital at Alleghany, Low Moor, VA

Overall, excellent rotation site. Clinically, one of the better sites to gain real guidance under an attending physician. Housing was very acceptable and comfortable. Alleghany hospital was very accommodating to students including food. I would highly recommend this site to future VCOM students who wish to serve in underserved areas.

Housing was convenient and decent. The maintenance man was really nice and took good care of the house. I enjoyed the outdoor activities in the area. The local YMCA gives students a good rate. Overall, I think it is a good site that VCOM should continue to use.

Alleghany is great. I would recommend it to other students. Great preceptors. Great patients.

Salem Veteran’s Medical Center, Salem, VA

I thought that the VA- Salem was amazing. I really enjoyed the learning experience through Grand rounds and the multiple lectures throughout the weeks that I was there.

Great site. Super friendly to students. Great didactics.

Great site. Students are given many opportunities to learn and have autonomy.

Southside Virginia Region

Centra Southside Community Hospital, Farmville, VA

Great site, food quality and prices were fair and access to the cafe between cafeteria hours was helpful. No dinner at cafeteria but Cafe was open. Physicians lounge always has water, drinks and snacks. Basic book can be borrowed from physicians lounge. Farmville is a small town but the community is friendly and open to students. I had an awesome year here!

Housing was affordable and it was nice that the Hospital provided food for students working in the Hospital. The site was managed well and staff was extremely courteous and helpful. Farmville is an interesting area that offered a wide variety of unique medical cases that offered a great learning experience.

I am happy with my choice to come to Farmville for clinical rotations. I lived in off campus housing and the price is much more reasonable as compared to Blacksburg. The price is even better if shared with roommates. The whole community really respects the students and they allow us plenty of opportunities to learn. Everyone is very kind. The preceptors are all very intelligent and each share their own passion for teaching. There are 3 different services where you will be allowed to eat at the hospital for free. (OB/GYN, IM1, Surgery). Which are the 3 main rotations which you are actually in the hospital on a daily basis. The food is good (standard hospital food), there is always a salad and soup option. There is also a small cafe that is open longer than the cafeteria in the late afternoon which has some grab n go snacks, sandwiches and coffee. I am very pleased with my choice for clinical rotations and I would choose it all over again if given the option.

Danville Regional Medical Center, Danville, VA

I am very happy to have chosen Danville as my core site. The hospital staff, preceptors, residents, and the town itself have been great. Cafeteria offers good variety of foods and it’s really nice to have lunches covered at the hospital. I highly recommend DRMC for rotations.

I thought this was a great site. You are able to be one on one with preceptors the majority of the time. This site gives you a feeling of how a residency program feels with resident interactions (some are part of your team) and daily noon lectures. Food quality was great, $7 a meal was plenty, and there was always food available in the residents lounge.

Great site for 3rd year. Hidden gem. You will learn a lot from the patient population and the pathology that comes through the door. The preceptors do a good job letting you interact with patients on your own, as well as giving feedback on what to do better. Free food is a plus. More and more housing units are popping up, so that is becoming less of a concern.

Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital, South Boston, VA

It was an amazing site and I couldn’t have asked for a better third year rotation site. A great hospital community and physician population. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is more hands-on learner!

Great site with great first-hand experiences. Preceptors were AWESOME, Kristy was incredibly helpful and kind.

I LOVED this site because of the preceptors and hospital experience. It was truly amazing and one of the best years of my life. I learned so much from everyone at the hospital. Love the hospital and every doctor there!!

Eastern Virginia Region

Riverside Regional Medical Center, Newport News, VA

I really enjoyed the site and the ample opportunities for OMM workshops, and the OMM day while on family medicine.

I loved my time at Riverside! Overall a great experience with great physicians!

The Riverside site as a whole was wonderful. They provided free hospital food whenever your rotation was in the hospital. Most students lived in apartments 5 minutes from the hospital. I know they have VCOM housing for 4th years rotating through. There are lots of great running trails in Newport News. One trail is within walking distance from the hospital. Lots of places to grab food quickly during lunch. The faculty and staff are all really friendly and there to help. I would recommend this site to everyone!

Augusta Health, Fishersville, VA

Augusta Hospital has a lot of medical resources to offer 3rd year students as a community hospital.

Outstanding site!

The site provided a great learning environment. The hospital staff were always kind and willing to help. We had a lot of interaction with multiple physicians and specialties throughout the year.

North Carolina Region

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center

An excellent site. Great pathology. Preceptors were excellent. It was great to work with the residents, as they were strong educators.

The site has good things and things that can improve, as I am sure all sites do. Fayetteville is affordable to live in. Meals were not provided at the hospital, but we did receive employee discounts.

Excellent site with lots of variety in patient populations and clinical presentations. There is also plenty to do in Fayetteville and surrounding communities.

Very good site. Plenty of learning opportunities. Affordable living and food.

W.B. Hefner VA Medical Center, Salisbury, NC

Amazing! I will be back for fourth year!

Overall I was happy with my site this year for rotations. Though housing was not available to us, it gave us an opportunity to explore the town a little more.

Great place to learn! Education is certainly made a priority. All preceptors and staff are welcoming and friendly. Medical students are included in all aspects of care and are included in the medical team.